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Medicare Insurance Broker

How to Work with a Medicare Insurance Broker

It is quickly approaching the time when you need to sign up for Medicare. You know it offers key benefits and benefits you have paid into for most of your working life. Now, you get to take advantage of this coverage to ensure your needs are consistently met. The problem is, Medicare is complex with various layers of potential concern for those signing up for the first time. That is where The Health Experts Insurance, Inc comes into play. As a Medicare insurance broker, our team can help you make the right decisions for your needs.

Is Original Medicare Enough?

Medicare has various layers of protection and tools for you. It is up to you to choose the right coverage. Medicare insurance for seniors that is very basic is called Original Medicare. The problem is Original Medicare only provides for several types of coverage and leaves you without the comprehensive protection you need. That is why you want to work with our team. We can help you determine if you need more than what Original Medicare offers. Some people may not need this but most people will need additional support.

When you consider Medicare insurance for seniors at this level there are two types of coverage. Part A coverage helps to cover your inpatient medical stays, such as if you need to go into a hospital for care or a skilled nursing facility for a short period of time. Part B covers many other doctor’s appointments and medical supplies. It covers most outpatient care you need.

Medicare Advantage Insurance Agents Provide More Help

One of the ways your Medicare insurance broker can help you is with access to Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans are provided through a private company – not Medicare. These plans cover all of your Part A and Part B benefits. They then go further. They can cover your prescription drug medication needs as well, for example.

When you work with our Medicare Advantage Insurance Agents, you get exceptional access to the type of care you need. We can help you navigate these more complex areas and provide you with the support you need in choosing one plan or another.

It’s important to know that as a Medicare insurance broker, The Health Experts Insurance, Inc does not represent any single private insurance provider. Rather, we help you find the right coverage for your needs across all available plans. This gives you the ability to navigate and choose coverage that fits your goals and your budget.

If you are ready to learn more about the coverage you need and how to pick the right plan for you, contact The Health Experts Insurance, Inc today.

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