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International & Travel Insurance

Don't let a medical emergency or accident ruin your vacation. Protect yourself when travelling abroad. 

When planning an international trip, there's one crucial aspect that should never be overlooked: medical travel insurance. While the excitement of exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures is palpable, it's equally important to prepare for unforeseen medical emergencies while abroad.

Traveler in Motion

GeoBlue advantages include:

  • Richer Benefits - rich coverage without the hidden surprises

  • Better Service and Care - concierge-level access to an elite network of the most internationally-friendly medical providers around the world

  • More Peace of Mind - you have the confidence associated with the most recognized health insurance brand in the U.S.

  • Guaranteed Issue on most policies


WorldTrips advantage:

  •  Atlas Travel insurance is WorldTrips’ international travel medical insurance policy designed to cover individuals traveling outside their home country for a minimum of 5 days up to 365 days.

  • There are three plan choices:

    •  Atlas Travel® - for individuals and groups traveling outside their home country (limited to 364 days for U.S. citizens and those traveling to the U.S.)

    •  Atlas MultiTrip™ - an annual travel plan for individuals taking multiple short trips abroad throughout the year (available to U.S. and non-U.S. citizens; limited to 364 days)

    • Atlas Group® - available for groups of 5 or more (available to U.S. and nonU.S. citizens; limited to 364 days)

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